2 Million people use SketchUp each week.

We help companies do real business with SketchUp – here’s how:

Over 2 million people use SketchUp every week to sell design ideas and turn them into real projects. SketchUp is especially popular during the initial stages of the design process when customers and stakeholders are still experimenting with ideas - including product and material selections.

For this reason, companies have a unique opportunity to have their products incorporated into projects earlier than their competitors, giving them an edge towards getting products specified, ordered and most importantly – sold.

At Igloo Studios, we’ve worked with over 60 companies to create SketchUp catalogs of their products, and to make those catalogs available to designers using SketchUp. To date, we’ve created over 7000 product models, which have been downloaded into over 2 million projects.

Here are a few case studies highlighting the success our clients have experienced with their SketchUp based marketing initiatives:


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With Product Connect, design professionals can now use SketchUp for product visualization and specification.

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Business Development

We can make your SketchUp models better – here’s how:

SketchUp users look to the Trimble 3D Warehouse when it comes time to add products to their designs. For companies, the Warehouse can be a powerful marketing tool capable of generating tens of thousands of product downloads. However, managing those products can be quite a challenge.

For companies that have already created product models - or plan to do so in-house - we also offer the following services designed to streamline product management: