We make SketchUp better

Models, tools, and training for the design & build industry

We turn great products into great SketchUp models

SketchUp allows designers to evaluate your product at the earliest stages of the design process. Manufacturers choose Igloo Studios to create product models that are accurate, beautiful and intelligent - the exact kind of models that designers want to use for their design presentations.

We offer tools that document product decisions in SketchUp

The Product Connect plugin is a suite of tools that are simple and intuitive, just like SketchUp. Designers using SketchUp use Product Connect to find real product models, access key product information and create organized product reports. With Product Connect its possible to design smarter, earlier in the design process.

We teach professionals how to get more out of projects in SketchUp

We believe that all tools become more valuable in the hands of skilled craftspeople. That's why we support Product Connect with professional SketchUp training to ensure that designers are able to create design presentations that wow their clients.

Noteworthy Accomplishments

  • SketchUp Official Partner
  • Created 6000+ product models that have been downloaded over 2M times
  • SketchUp Authorized Training Center
  • Over 2000 professionals trained at events around the world
  • 50+ hours of video that have been viewed over 4M times
  • Invited into the YouTube partner program as a SketchUp educator
  • Wrote Real World Google SketchUp 7